Hooked on Fish Squares Panel

$7.00 each


24″ x 43″  On sale only as long as overstock exists.


The Hooked on Fish Squares Panel features 5 different Fish and 1 Sea Turtle squares that are surrounded by a 1/2” frame.  If the squares are cut ¼” beyond the frame, the block will finish 10”.  The squares can also be cut to fit a 9” block using none of the frame.  Each fish & turtle square has delicate teal outlines of sea grasses, coral and sea fans for additional depth within the block.  These realistic shapes are elaborately decorated with intricate designs in which every part of it is shaded and laced with metallic gold!  The Stripe section at the top and bottom of the panel is available as a stripe that alternates with rows of fish & turtles and rows of the geometric stripe that can be used to border the panel.  The panels measure 24” x 43”.

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Black, White