Hooked on Fish Scenic Panel

$7.00 each

23 1/2″ x 43″.  On sale only as long as overstock exists.


Hooked on Fish Scenic Panel is a spectacular underwater scene in which delicate teal outlines of sea grasses, coral and sea fans form the bottom of the ocean and teal outlines of fish & sea turtles float among the larger decorated fish & turtles.  These realistic shapes are elaborately decorated with intricate designs in which every part of it is shaded and laced with metallic gold!  Larger fish & turtles are at the bottom of the panel and the images get smaller as they rise to the surface.  The panel can be cut 24” x 43” or it can be cut in multiples of 24” for use in larger quilts or backings.  The Stripe section at the top and bottom of the panel is available as a stripe that alternates with rows of fish & turtles and rows of the geometric stripe that can be used to border the panel on the sides.

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Black, White